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Before you celebrate that weightloss victory, can you keep it?

Anybody can get results but very few people can keep the results that they have gotten. For every weightloss victory I come across I’m not so quick to applaud. Why? I must first put it into CONTEXT!

What was the process to achieving those results? Is it sustainable for the long term? If I see you years later would you have kept your weightloss result?

Trust me these are questions I ask myself as well. It’s been 7 years and counting since I lost 30kg and with God’s help I’m still going strong, keeping the weight off and living healthy and fit.

So HOW did I do it?

In this video I share my Top Seven Commandments of weightloss which have helped me SUSTAIN my results. For the purpose of this blog I’ll be sharing the first THREE. However you can go HERE to watch the entire video.

Keep the weight off with these 7 powerful ‘secrets’!

1. Pace Yourself

Lose the pressure my sisters, no matter the milestone you set for yourself whether it’s a birthday, wedding, post partum bounce back etc. When you put pressure on yourself to lose weight before a certain time you TAKE AWAY THE JOY OF THE PROCESS. You can ENJOY your weightloss journey. Alot of life is about the journey not just the DESTINATION. We spend alot more time on the journey than the destination.

Joyce Meyer wrote this fantastic book – Enjoying Where You Are On The Way To Where You Are Going, which truly buttresses my point.

When I started my weightloss journey, I thought it’ll be a long and hard journey. I never THOUGHT I’ll get results so quick. I was just determined to put in my best and enjoy the journey. So please on your own journey remember to enjoy the process, enjoy the journey even before you get to your destination.

2.Throwaway the Finish Line

In weightloss there’s no finish line. If you set one for yourself, erase it! You have to start thinking like so – this is my new normal, this is my new lifestyle. Let’s say you get to the milestone you set for yourself are you going to continue with the disciplines that got you there? That’s why I asked – Can You Keep It? It goes beyond weightloss victory.

On this journey you must change your fitness identity, change your mindsets and change your habits FOR LIFE. That’s how we coach at Jesus Girls’Nation, I’m not trying to get you to a finish line, NO! I’m trying to get you to SEE YOU IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAY. So delete the finish line, there’s no finish line, this is our new normal till Jesus Comes. Amen? Amen!

3. Educate Yourself

This third point is super important if you want long term results. You must continue to go after knowledge even when you hire a coach or trainer. Be your own coach as well. That’s something I had to do too, I was always going after knowledge despite the two Coaches I had in the beginning. Gaining knowledge is like an intravenous infusion, you don’t see how it’s happening but you are able to see the effects on the person’s body.

I’ve tried oh! lol.

You can watch the full video HERE and get the remaining commandments of weightloss which I shared.

Till next time, keep on living healthy and strong


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