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10 herbs&spices ALREADY in your kitchen to SUPERCHARGE your meals

I’m so thankful for what God is doing in this season with everyone of His children, and in particular about our diet and lifestyle

Satan FIGHTS our physical body in the most natural, unassuming way, so that he can make you weak and unable to live your BEST LIFE in obedience to Jesus as we go after our God given assignments 

One way he fights us SO EASILY is in food and sadly, we come so casually and ignorantly to the battle that he doesn’t even expend so much energy to win. Worse still, some of us don’t even KNOW we are in a BATTLE.

We eat casually…

Any new thing that comes out, we wanna try. I recall when I used to CHARTER all kinds of MSG laden products phew…

That’s all those seasonings, stock cubes and all.

The sachets, liquids, cubes, powders and so on. 

Little did I know I wasn’t doing myself and family any good, what with how DANGEROUS these seasonings are. Whoosh. 

I’m thankful for my friend Ezinne who is also CEO of a natural spices company who opened my eyes to the DANGERS of those cubes, AND gave me alternatives too.

It’s been about 6months and I’ve left stock cubes behind, retrained my TASTE BUDS and ENJOY the taste of my meals.

She has also come to speak to my squads about the dangers of stock cubes and co. 

Somre’s food Boss, Ezinne educates us AWAY from MSG seasoning cubes (NO MORE MSG)

Thankfully, God has given us many many spices and herbs ALL AROUND us and in this post, I wanna share a few VERY EASY swaps and introductions we can make NOW into our pots and pans, especially for those of us who wanna transition SLOWLY and not like me who went gangsta and COLD TURKEY lol

My Spices haul

Here we go 

Oh, the first thing I want to say is we need to PRAY and ask the Lord to help us RETRAIN our taste buds. We have eaten foods with maggi and co all our lives. When you swap, it WILL FEEL BLAND at first BUT keep at it, be patient and keep on praying. You will lose the taste for those unnaturally enhanced artificial flavourings that are killing us and our children to whom it even poses more risk

Secondly, be patient and experimental. Don’t rush. Enjoy the transition process. Even I am still experimenting and loving it 

Also, don’t be afraid to embrace the new. Try new things. This one was the game changer for it and I’ll like to start with the new I embraced which I NEVER thought I would 

1. ‘Iru’ aka Locust bean

Ah. Who would have thought?

I could never imagine that one day, ‘Iru’ would feature in almost all my meals. I HATED the smell AND taste but once I started my research, I started to see AND experience the wonders PLUS the AMAZING aroma it adds to my dishes. It literally super charges it

Iru– fermented locust beans

Don’t be afraid to add it to eggs, stews, jollofs, green leafy veggies dishes and sauces, and don’t stop at my list. Experiment. These ones are the ones I’ve enjoyed the most with ‘Iru’

My yummy experiment: Eggs garnished with mushrooms and tomatoes and spiced with one million spices hehe!

2. Ginger and Garlic

Ok this one should be added to just about everything 

I mean, say you are making stew, put your oil (these days I’m favouring palm oil in healthy portions. Coconut oil or olive oil too) in the pan, on fire and put in your ‘Iru’, then ground ginger and garlic and let it toast in the oil well. Gosh. The smell and taste? I prefer to blend mine together and keep the paste in my freezer. I enjoy adding to everything including meats and all.

3. Onions and crayfish

Another combo to lick your plate on. Add that to the oil in the recipe above as you make your stews, sauces and egg dishes. Even green leafy veggies. My gosh. I think the nice little toasting in little oil just brings it all the flavors. This is also EVERYTHING that is needed in beans dishes, especially when you add plantain or sweet potato. Please leave off the cubes

4. Over ripe plantain and Sweet potato broth

Well dunno if to call this broth but when I boil sweet potato, I like to let some water remain after it is cooked and then that thick water, use it to blend over ripe plantain which is usually sweet. When that sweet jams the sweet potato broth, it becomes super sweet and you can use it to make dishes like jollof, pasta, even soups. Even moimoi and pancakes for a twist in flavour and heaviness. 

5. Turmeric and Thyme

Ok this is a whole health booster. 

Thyme heals all things lol

Ditto turmeric

This would especially be great for our older parents or anyone with joint inflammation or pain though it is good for all. Add this to EVERYTHING really. Just throw it into everything you cook.

You need only a little thyme as it can get harsh sha 

I literally add turmeric to everything at home, so all my pots are now yellow lol

Also sent to my parents for everything 

You can buy turmeric from the open market or supermarkets

I prefer to buy the powder which I buy from Ezinne Somre foods

Somre Food spices +2348094820029, +2348033703283

It is one the BEST spices out there. Both thyme and turmeric 

6. ‘Ose Nsukka’ aka yellow pepper

Ah this one is an AMAZING sub for ‘Rodo’ aka those PEPPERY red peppers.

Ose Nsukka – yellow pepper

Blend or dice small and tizzle in some pepper on low heat and the smell is just heavenly especially when making a nice sauce for your rice or yam and the likes, especially if you like some spice to your food

So add this pepper to a combo that has onions, crayfish, ‘Iru’ and boooom, enjoy the super yum taste without even missing maggi and the likes

Ok this is like a starter pack kinda list 

I will build on this but I just wanted to share these for anyone looking to slowly transition 

Welcome to 2021 the year we are getting STRONG IN SPIRIT and HEALTHY in BODY which is what our coaching program is serving this year 



You can read more about our coaching program for the year in the link below

Our 2021 Coaching: Hygiano & Hadaccah


Eziaha (CoachE’)



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8 thoughts on “10 herbs&spices ALREADY in your kitchen to SUPERCHARGE your meals”

  1. Goodness-Mercy Weme

    Thank you so much coach E! I too went cold turkey, it’s been almost a year already. I haven’t really tried Iru as I’ve been skeptical but with this review I’m so trying it soonest.

    The potato and plantain I’ve never heard of it before. I’d love to try it out too. Please, is there a way of storing it apart from refrigerating?

    Thanks so much ma’am. The post has been bookmarked already for future use.

  2. Amazing post as always. I also recently added dry iru powder to my spice pantry and it is an upgrade to my soup and native dishes. Fry with palm oil, fresh tomatoes, loads of onions and ugu then send me a thank you note later 😁.

    Onions puree(blended onions with little water) is also a game changer. Reason is that the flavour is more intense at this point. Add almost at the end of your cooking. Then enjoy your meal 😁.

    Thank you coach E for living a life worthy of emulation.

    1. Funny I always blend onions. Because I bought a LOT October last year, blending was the only way to keep it. So now that’s all I use. I agree. Dry iru powder sounds amazing

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  4. This is amazing…..I reneged on my no MSG and started using small small. But we go strong again. This fitfam life is a MUST o. I use iru for mostly okro and egusi soup but will try drying and blending now. Never thought of the sweet potato and ripe plantain broth. Omo, we are inexcusable. Everything is available to us and we must live healthy. JANE have you heard???

    1. Lol at small small. Even though I don’t use for myself or kids at all, I use a little for some of my hubby’s food cos his taste buds needs time to adjust 😅 I’m still researching and trying new for my husband but those say 30percent meals, I use a half cube or less for his portion and so far it keeps decreasing. Hopefully it leaves him completely soon

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