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GUILTY HORMONES… When the weight gain is NOT.YOUR.FAULT

Hey everyone, Today, I am about to make a LOT of chicks HAPPY!!! Veeeery happy. You know how sometimes the figures on the scale are going up despite your good behavior, and you are just wondering what brand of nonsense and ingredients this is…? Well, today I have come to

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“You are FAT”. Offensive or not? 7 Squaddies speak

Phew… We hit the streets like Reporters on this one. We wanted to find out how people react to the term FAT. I recall one time my neighbor said that to me. I had gained some nice “breastfeeding weight” which I didnt gain all through pregnancy so that morning, on

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FAQs: Answering your PRENATAL fitness questions

When it comes to exercising in pregnancy, or even maintaining a disciplined diet irrespective of cravings and hormones, there are as many concerns as there are myths and old wives’ tale. More education is therefore needed especially in this part of our world where a pregnant woman actively working out

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The B.A.D of Deep frying ❌🚫

Since I am coming for all your fried foods, I figured I would start with two stories I was on the world’s immediate source of breaking news TWITTER sometime last year, and as was my custom, I would go through the tweets of those Twitter Doctors giving us correct free

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#CEOriginals 5 Questions with Anuli.

Hey Fit-Squad, This week, I thought we should kick things off with this super beautiful Squaddie of mine, Anuli Chikezie. She was so stressless to coach and the best part was that she came with results. I particularly love that for her, the weight gain just happened over time, not

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