What are you craving? We typically associate cravings with unhealthy foods and junk, like ice cream, pizza and the likes. We don’t really hear people say ‘I’m craving an avocado or kale salad, or green juice or smoothie’ Well, except me. Imagine this, There’s you trading in sodas, sweets, biscuits, noodles, pastries, fried foods and […]

Don’t believe THESE lies! You deserve to know THESE truths.

Skip the LIES, know the TRUTH about Weightloss. You’re welcome. Shalom Shalom Jesus Girls. Let’s come together for a quick read. It’s #TeamCoachE‘ hereeee. I have the honour to write this today. CoachE’ recently released a YouTube video – Don’t Believe These Lies! You deserve to know These TRUTHS!! On your journey to sustainable weightloss […]