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Inside CoachE’Squad: September Week 1

Yay! Happy to be here again with another episode of “This week on CoachE”, a new segment we just launched on the blog where we would be sharing on a weekly basis all the activities that went down in our squad groups, the gists, the transformation, beyond weight loss experience, just everything really!

Sounds exciting right? Let’s get into it!

The week started with our 1 hour Sunday appointment with God where we walk and pray to get direction for the week, build up our spirit man while also exercising our physical bodies💃.

And although It’s was an EXTREMELY COLD morning with some drizzle, we still WALKed and PRAYed #Halak-Palal and It was as beautiful always!

Monday then starts with a super productive team strategy meeting with my amazing team members #TeamBanah

and we had such amazing time strategizing about the next couple of months!

Looking at how much we achieved at the meeting, we are super READY FOR YOU! September to December, God’s grace💃💃💃💃

We had some transformation picture come in, really lovely😍! Just so happy to be disgracing FAT with our Harpazo programs!

Oh the joys of seeing love handles give way to obliques as they are meant to be seen. Belly FAT Harpazoed🙌🙌


We also had this amazing feedback from our intermittent fasting squaddie!

“In short, my brain and my body sent a memo to each other and they agreed no more junk in this system…”

So great, right?

Join our Intermittent fasting Squad to bring back healthy

Can we also take a look at these different weigh in pictures!!! Notice them kgs dropping? Itzz Haparzo!!!!

89kg to 85.1kg in 2 weeks💃💃 Harpazo ’pon the beat💃 #JesusGirlsFitness

97 to 87kg in 5 weeks 🙌🙌🙌💃💃💃💃… Harpazo wins all day, everyday #JesusGirlsFitness💃💃

92 to 87kg 💃💃 almost 5kg down in 3 weeks🙌🙌🙌 Harpazo🙌🙌 #JesusGirlsFitness

So so great! Safe to say that Harpazo is a winner all day, everyday! 🙌💪

You should join us.

We also had our rejoicing moms squad welcome a new squaddie gallantly with some super taglinessss!

“Welcome to an amazing ride in a super supportive community, don’t worry about your numbers, Coach will guide you”

Another welcome message reads

“For results, it is guaranteed as long as you do your part…, I joined at the beginning of my 3rd trimester and it’s been an amazing journey with Coach”🥰

👏👏👏 Yes yes 💃! I got it right with these ones!

We published 2 goody goody blog posts, read here:

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From making millions to Car Brake failure protection… Halak Palal TESTIMONIES

And on Friday, our weigh in day we had these beautiful results come in 😊

86kg to 81kg in 3 weeks!!! Come on NOW🙌

8kg down in 5 weeks

Week 8 and she is 13kggg down!

Gosh, honestly our squad is the best place to be! I am one proud coach!

Join us today to get raptured from fat

And if you need a quick detox? Gan-raveh to your rescue at very shikini payment.

CoachE’s Well-watered Garden.

Read more details about Gan-Raveh here

GAN-RAVEH… CoachE’s Well watered DETOX Garden

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