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5 Healthy Eating Habits To Try


Looking to either START HEALTHY or BRING HEALTHY BACK? I gotcha. In this post, you would be learning some easy peezy healthies you can start RIGHT NOW when it comes to your diet

Ready, Set, Eat!!!


Hey Fit Fam,

By God’s grace, it has been almost 6 solid years I embraced fit fam and have never looked back

Circa 2015


Like some of us, I started with very little,

Little knowledge

Little money

Little support

But a lot of DESPERATION to change what was.


Thank God for Google, and my then Coach, Natachi of Health n Healthy, I started to grow in KNOWLEDGE, and by God’s grace alone, that knowledge has been the stability of my journey.


When it comes to healthy living, your food, and exercising go hand in hand, especially if you want to not just lose weight, but keep it off.

For this blog, I will put my spotlight on healthy eating habits to start (and sustain) NOW!!!


Let’s go


  1. Drink More Water


Honestly, this is the BEST advice anyone can give you on this journey. Liquid calories are so tricky. Because it is not solid, you think you can get away with it, but some of them pack more calories than solid food.

Drink more water, this is the FIRST place to start

 Need more hydration arsenals? Check this out




  1. Carb RIGHT



Big mistake is to cut out carbs on your weight loss journey, and I see MANY people make it. Somehow, they think once carbs are in, then weight loss can’t happen. Like I said, I have been on this for years and except I am on a detox, a Daniel Fast, or when I went vegan for a season before I quit, I don’t cut out any food group. Not carbs, protein, or fat.

We don’t need to ESCAPE, we need to MODERATE and PORTION CONTROL.

For carbs especially, we just need to mix n match ‘em with foods that have less calories, like salads and green leafies.

I mean, you can even eat rice EVERY DAY and still lose weight, but you haven’t signed up with me yet, so you starve and escape carbs, lose weight, but gain it all back after some time because IT WAS NOT SUSTAINABLE





  1. Love your Greens



OHL gosh, baby, love the color GREEN.

Green fruits like cucumbers, green apple, English pear, garden eggs and the likes. Usually we run from the green fruits and eat the more colorful ones. While they are great, some are so high in sugar that our excess consumption doesn’t do anything to both retrain our taste buds and discipline us.

So yes, love your pineapples, but learn to throw in some cucumbers sometimes.


In the same vein, love love love your green leafy veggies.

I am talking ugu, shoko, waterleaf, kale, and the likes.

Generously add them to your smoothies, your tubers (yam, potatoes), your soups, and stir-frys plus eggs. Some can be added to salads like kale, lettuce and celery leaves.

Stop running from greens. When it comes to healthy living, GREEN IS KING




  1. Fruit daily



Oh this would have gone without saying… but I have SHOCKINGLY seen people not take a fruit in a whole day, never mind the 5-a-day rule.


And don’t stop at one SWEET fruit a day, or more like pineapple, banana, kiwi and co, instead mix and eat the rainbow. Eat cucumbers, garden eggs, watermelon, apples, avocadoes, etx too. Don’t let a day go by without having 2 or more fruits, and even better, as a meal replacement, e.g. smoothie for breakfast



  1. Be Nut wise



Oh especially if you want to lose weight. MANY of us make the mistake of thinking we can throw down on nuts because they are healthy anyways, but it can quickly and singlehandedly ruin your weight loss journey.

So be wise, and use nuts to your benefits.

A big handful and lots of water immediately is enough to keep your belly going for 1 to 3 hours between meals.

But eating it mindlessly means you can consume as much as 2500calories or more in a sitting




Ok, that’s all.

I stayed on the healthy lane for this one, just focusing on how to make HEALTHY work for you.

Listen Girl, that voice telling you that you can’t LOSE weight, or sustain a HEALTHY lifestyle is a LIE.

Yes, it is HARD, like any lifestyle change, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE

So, this is me cheering you on, and believing in you.

I pray you too believe in YOU and start these steps today.

Need help?

Let me help you Fix It TO FIX IT


We’ll be kicking off on Sunday, 30th May.


See you in-squad


To your HEALTH






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