Hey people, today I’ll be reviewing the webinar I had with our Squaddies on Friday


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I actually didn’t go there to pamper them with words but I went hard on them but with LOVE.


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In my journey to losing weight, I was amazed each time I heard people say that it was easier to lose weight than to maintain it. It didn’t click until I lost the weight and realized that the statement is actually true.


Being someone who has been on this Journey for years and has had the privilege of Coaching a lot of people, one MAJOR mistake we tend to make on this Journey, is that we don’t continue or should I say keep up with what we did when we started this Journey.


Rather, we begin to set time frames, e.g. 3months, to it, and after it has elapsed, you stop.


You need to get to a point where you realize and affirm that this is a NEW LIFESTYLE. It should be your NEW NORMAL, so you find ways to make it work FOR YOU


Let me make it more practical…


For example, if you are someone who says, I could never eat without oil, you will begin to look for ways to incorporate oil into your meals and also do it in moderation. You can probably reduce the use of oil in your meals to 2 or 3 times a week.


You would learn how to tweak things but not do things that are out of place.


Also, you can be someone that loves to eat rice, like you really love it. What you should do is to, know how to compromise. Infuse your vegetables, reduce your oil and also reduce the number of days you consume it in a week. Be sure to calculate your calories and be deliberate about cutting down the portions.


I feel that as adults, that are MATURE, we should be able to plan what we want to eat. We should be people who can delay gratification, and have self-control. 


If you decide that you would like to eat a certain meal(s), you should be able to PLAN for it.


Like I used to do, when I was still trying to lose weight, I would try to have smaller bits of meals (healthy) for each day and then, choose a day I decide to indulge but in MODERATION.


This is like you planning to relocate or travel or getting a new house. You would want to reduce your spending to the minimum that can cover up the basics and then save the rest for the project you intend to execute.


This also applies to pregnancy. But you only get this info when I coach you first hehe


We need to be INTENTIONAL about calculating what we eat. Annnnnnd, you don’t get to a certain point and then decide to stop.


Saying this just reminds about what Paul said in Galatians 3:3 in the Bible.

“Are you so foolish and so senseless and so silly? Having begun [your new life spiritually] with the [Holy] Spirit, are you now reaching perfection [by dependence] on the flesh?”


This literally describes a lot of us on this journey. When you started, you were careful, you listened to everything your coach said and executed to the last letter.


Then you lose just 7kg and boom… You have arrived. You start to reinvent a wheel that was not broken.


Sister… no be so e dey work



What started you on the journey – your discipline, your higher why, your motivation, your quest for knowledge in order to deepen your convictions, should remain and if possible, double it after you hit your goals.



This journey is for LIFE.


You might not count everything but have an idea, so that you put caution in portioning your meals. Because if you throw CAUTION out of the window and then decide to be your own BOSS, every weight you’ve lost will COME BACK!!!


You have to carry the mentality of “this is not easy” to the point where you’re trying to maintain your weight.


Especially if you are someone who gained a lot of weight.


Please be KIND to your Body, know who you are and study your body. Don’t be obsessive but calculate what you eat at least. Don’t expect to CHEAT every day and have results. Create a balance.


There will be a time when you might be losing too much weight and at that time, you might need to increase your portion a bit, still healthy food BUT the principle of discipline still remains.








Honestly, as a Coach, there are people I would rather not coach again.


There are people who I would rather have them do a 12 weeks or 6 months coaching program AT LEAST than to just do a 4 or 6 weeks program, and I advice them as such


Click image to read about Ihuoma’s success story – because she stayed true to this journey!!!


This is not about me needing their money because I’ll gladly reduce the fee for them but as a Coach, I know where you are coming from, I understand and know how long it might take you to lose ALL that weight.


We tend to underestimate how hard weight loss is. This is like you going to a Doctor and then telling him or her how to treat you.

For instance, I remember I was to go to the hospital when I wanted to have my second baby. I was advised to sleep over at the hospital and then I’ll be induced in the morning to aid the birth process. Instead of me to listen, I was trying to challenge what the Doctor had said…hahaha.


Thankfully, one of my best friends who is a Doctor, advised me to go to the hospital that night and explained further, that the doctor was trying to get me in the right frame of mind. This means they would want to check my vitals, and be sure everything is ok, instead of coming that morning and being induced immediately

My mom and Sister insisted too.


Finally I went and it turned that I had to do a C-section that night to get the baby out. Before then, I did a scan which showed that my amniotic fluid level was low and the baby was in distress according to the Doctor. Imagine what would have happened, if I had not gone to the hospital, because I know TOO MUCH.


Now, this might not equate exactly to your fitness journey but the principle is the same.


When your Coach tells you something, it’s only because they have knowledge and experience and they know what is best for you.


You also need to be deliberate about investing in this journey because it’s actually an INVESTMENT.

It’s OK for you to save for this journey, especially if you know, you need help from a Coach and people who really know what this is about.


All these “I don’t have money” needs to stop with COVID 19.


I recall when I was trying to lose weight, I was coached by NATACHI of health on health . I was in her group for 4 weeks and I paid only ₦3,500, she was very affordable. Because she was really good, I decided to spread the gospel everywhere.


I remember someone came to me and complained she was charged higher by her. When I tried to find out why, I realized that NATACHI increased her price for people who were coming back.


Wanna know why?


Because some of them were people she asked to stay for a longer time because she knew what was best for them but they refused because they had become the “boss”.


This didn’t make sense to me then but as a Coach now, I completely understand.


As a Coach, I have a stake in your journey because I fast, pray, teach, even check up on you, just so to help you. But it’s really disappointing to see people return in a state worse than the previous, after you have advised them to continue.


Because the truth is, I’m willing to cut down the fee or even give you for free if only you would just stay and really learn, and grasp discipline.


Click image to read Bimpe’s success  story


Show me you are willing to push through regardless and I will make sure money doesn’t stop you.


It’s really not fair on me or you, because you literally make it look like, my efforts are wasted. I’m overjoyed when people have results because they submit to the process.


Click image to read Evelyn’s success story- I’m super proud and grateful for this one


Every time you cut short the process, you keep telling yourself without words, that you are a QUITTER, this applies not only to weight loss but life in general.


Now, like I said previously, I was coached by NATACHI for four weeks but I couldn’t continue because I honestly didn’t have money but that didn’t stop me.


In fact, after I finished with my coach, I still continued with everything she had taught me, e.g. my meal plan, continued with my exercise which was morning and night. I never for once stopped, instead I doubled efforts because I had gotten a hold of discipline and I wasn’t willing to let it go down the drain. I had discipline, knowledge and God.



BUT a lot of us, who know we need to be coached, tend to be reluctant and act like we know it all.


At this point, I’m ready to turn down Clients WHY? Because they are not ready and they don’t want to put in the work.


When you choose a Coach, you need to trust the person God has placed in your life to help you on this journey. You need to listen to their counsel. If you could do it on your own, you definitely won’t need ME or any other Coach.


In case you decide to dismiss your coach and do a crash diet, or a surgery or a liposuction, best believe that you will not be able to sustain it, because what actually sustains you in this journey is DISCIPLINE.



Discipline doesn’t only help you lose weight but keep the weight off.

Guess what? Discipline is a spirit, THE SPIRIT OF SELF-CONTROL.


For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.

2 Timothy 1 vs 7 AMPC


Hmmmmmm… The more you do the “start and stop” process, it gets harder and you tend to take it to other areas of your life.


Please don’t say you don’t care or it doesn’t matter because you ABSOLUTELY CARE.


We need to make intentional decisions and efforts in this journey. Let’s write a new story, don’t be in a hurry. As you plan for your finances, plan for your weight loss.


Ok, time to go But remember, if you are looking to lose weight,



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To HEALTH, present and future


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